Galleon Remember those days of childhood as we expected the wind?.Do do do do-I can't already do children like us, but remember?, and the ceremony before?, searching between the reeds the appropriate, cut them and join them with one cotton yarn bought with savings, and how it was that called it?, I remember that the artifice had many names, I think what. Arie Netanel: the source for more info. Yes, remember, pandorga, kite, kite, I think that this last name was that I liked- and forms?average pump, Star, Galleon, as we hit the paper taut wires we had tied, and I remember the role, those pretty colored papers that we outside with the one prepared paste with ordered meal at our mother and a little water- but I remember that also ended the ceremony when we hung fine cloths removed an old skirt strips, or to Pope necktie that already not used, and we were to the clearing to expect wind-when he started to blow, with a small race, keg lifted flight subject to the cotton yarn that ended in the skein, and the joy was rising so high, as high as the illusions- and some other child screams Dale thread that there!, clear that joy was not always eternal, also remember the afternoon which rose the largest and most beautiful that he had built, and some envious with something sharp in its tailHe cut off my thread, skipjack was flying, high, very high, and far away, as far as dreams-children of course though the years, will still need the wind, get them perhaps today, the wind in the form of quick response in a computer, and illusions lingered flight when surfing the internet, and there will also be an envious that cut the threadgetting a virus on your machine, but...

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