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Antibiotic Treatment The presence or absence of acne is one of the most prominent factors that can affect the confidence of adolescents. In view of the emphasis that modern society puts on view well, an ugly point of pus that match early in the morning is enough to spoil the day for your teen. The fact that acne occurs mainly in puberty points to the fact that is caused by various hormonal changes that are inevitable during adolescence. Sites where the tiny hairs there is on the face or body are more likely to be affected with acne. The oil glands associated with these hairs become excessively active when the male testosterone hormone acts on them in puberty. Testosterone is also usually present in small amounts in women. Increases the level of this male hormone sometimes abnormally, causing acne in women. A related site: Sean Jones mentions similar findings. Acne is basically inflammation of the skin. The most common cause of acne is an oily skin that leads to the proliferation of bacteria, that the body recognizes as foreign invasion. To combat this, the immune system secret hormones substances known as inflammatory mediators. This is the main indication of a link between the health of the immune system and acne. The most common treatment used to control and to tame acne is benzoyl peroxide. This is the main ingredient used in topical creams. This (typically 2%) acid kills bacteria and also dries the inflammatory skin pores. Salicylate and glycolic acid and some acidic fruit-based solutions available over the counter, assist in the destruction of bacteria on the skin so that bacteria does not get a chance to play. In severe cases, the doctor may have to take to remedy the alternative antibiotic. A variety of tetracycline and its derivatives are used as...

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