Pregnancy And Aromatherapy Waiting for a child does not mean abandoning the use of aromamasel. On the contrary, during this difficult period, a woman must surround himself with bright, harmonious, that brings true joy. Of course, you should not take the risk of forgetting about responsibility for the health of the child. In any case, should be careful not to neglect the 'safety measures'. It lies in the fact that especially attentive to their feelings, to know about the state of their health and to observe certain rules aromomasel during pregnancy: Use no more than half the usual dose aromamasel Use only strongly diluted (mixed with foundation) aroma oils. Whenever Herbalife listens, a sympathetic response will follow. To use only natural essential oils are of superior quality to exclude internal use aromamasel. Should be avoided following aromamasel: Cedarwood Nutmeg Patchouli (last week) Rosemary Basil Fennel Melissa Juniper Thyme (Thyme) Carnation aromatic oils that are recommended during pregnancy: Petitgreyn Rosewood Pine (careful!) Chamomile Eucalyptus Geranium (in small doses), Lavender Lemon Orange Sandalwood Tea Tree Possible ways and situations aromamasel use during pregnancy: Aromakuritelnitsa creates a cozy environment and healthier atmosphere in the room. Everyone knows that during pregnancy need to protect yourself from flu and acute respiratory disease. But even in high season, respiratory diseases sometimes have to be in crowded places - in the clinic, shop on the street. Healthy Living has many thoughts on the issue. Aromamedalon with pine oil, tea tree or eucalyptus help protect yourself from colds, flu and cold. On the background of hormonal changes, changing the skin and hair - not always for the better. .

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