Printer Xerox In contrast to the developer roller in the ink cartridges with the recycling, these cartridges to be manufactured from a magnetic core encased in a shell. Of course, the cartridges with the recycling of toner is less than in cartridges without him, but the cost of toner (charging), it's nothing compared to the cost of the doctor blade. In the cartridges without recycling is no problem nakoksovavshegosya toner. I think this is the first parameter, which is I look for when choosing a printer. For service centers, manufacturing warranty repairs, however, as to the manufacturer, the cartridge is a consumable item, ie the warranty it is not distributed. Fusing node. After the image transfer to paper photoconductor image is retained only by the interaction of opposite charges of the paper and toner transfer. If, during the Press to open the printer cover, and thereby interrupt the printing process is not difficult to see that on the part of the paper, which is located between the drum and fuser, the image is not fixed, in fact, it can be removed from sheet of paper, just poduv him. In the node fuser (fusing) is the final consolidation of the image. Thus, the main part of the fuser unit and their purpose: The rubber tree (Pressure Roller), made of heat-resistant rubber, the main purpose - to provide a tight clamping the sheet to the fuser. Thermocouple - possibly running in two versions: the idea of incandescent lamps or in a matrix of resistors. Termo (for Canon) or cylinder teroperenosa (for Xerox). Now, more about each of these components. Rubber roller. Little susceptible to wear, as shown by long experience, this piece needs to be replaced only in rare cases, falling into the printer foreign objects. Element. Performing in a typical lamp Printer Xerox...

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