Genetic Load Although some of the characteristics occur with great frequency and are considered typical of the syndrome, it must be emphasized that it is about lesser factors and generally do not intervene with the functioning of the child become nor it less attractive. (CASARIN, 2003). For Melero, cited for Storer and Voivodic (1999), the person with SD is that its genetic load, is an organism that functions as a whole, mainly when improves the contexts where the person lives, is not they: familiar, social and pertaining to school. For all the children, the development is an interactive process and continuous total it is not determined by genes in the birth. Genes can influence the ability of a child to learn, but they do not determine the chances to learn. Since the birth, all relationships in the world of a baby with that they are to its return influence deeply its development. The functioning and structure of the brain after the birth deeply are influenced by information and activity. (BUCKLEY, 2010). 2,2 Human development We think the human development since the physiological systems and biochemists until the composed relations per sequences of interactions between individuals, groups and society. According to Dessen and Costa Jnior (2005), the human development represents a reorganization inside continues of the unit time-space, that operates in the level of the actions, perceptions, activities and interactions with different participants in the environment of the person. One of the basic tasks of the science of the development is to understand as the individual behavior enters in contact with other significant dimensions of its meeting, beyond describing the characteristics of these contacts that are excellent for the development, therefore its understanding requires, over all, to think about the establishment of relations that the individual keeps with its next contexts, that is,...

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