History Of Sparrow Our House Sparrow - a native of the Mediterranean, it was well known in the ancient world and considered a pest. However, near the temples of sparrows lived quietly, did not touch them. And thanks to his penchant for frequent marriages, even the sparrow was a number of symbolic animals of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. Glory to the pest did not give the sparrow to live in a literal sense. After all, its very name reads like a 'thief beat'! Although the chicks, as established by ornithologists, the sparrow nurses food, dominated by insects - 60 percent of the total mass. This adult sparrows can, and kidneys of fruit and berry trees, peck, and the berries themselves are not disdain, and indifferent to the grain. However, apart from purely bandit actions sparrows bring invaluable addition to agriculture. The fact that they are not smaller, and, perhaps, that with great enthusiasm consume weed seeds. In addition, it is estimated birdwatchers, for two weeks of fledging parents bring her children more than a kilogram of insects. If we take into account the fecundity of sparrows that relished even Aphrodite, and multiply it by the number of sparrows around the earth ball, then we get a fantastic figure. In this regard, illustrative example of China. In the 60 years of XX century, the notorious years there as a 'cultural revolution' in China destroyed sparrows. All! And soon. How can this be done? " Chinese - people are disciplined. They are a team out of their houses to the fields, streets, squares and the command for several hours banging, shouting and waving, or what they get, not letting the wheel for a second to sit down and relax. Birds in the air, died of heart failure. This wonderful event was over...
Health Transformations This century is characterized by great transformations. It is unquestioned that these evolutions contribute for the quality of life of the man in general aspects of the health. The improvements in the health system had extended the conditions of treatments of illnesses that before, without medical accompaniment, the death took. Basic sanitation, pharmaceutical and genetic studies, all these transformations had contributed to increase the life expectancy of the man. As result, according to Papalia (1), the world-wide population is aging as never. The proper aged population is aging, this segment of fast growth consists more of people with eighty years or. In 2000, the number of people with sixty years or more was esteem in 605 million. In 2050, the percentage expects that of more aged adults in the world all, for the first time in history, it exceeds the population of children up to fourteen years. Papalia (1). The population oldest goes to increase after 2010? when the generation baby boom to start to make 65 years more or? two times more than what in 2000. The tax of growth of the aged population is projected to diminish after 2030, when the last fruits of baby boom (postwar period) will make 65 years. Papalia (1). Seeing this aging of a world-wide perspective, it can be considered that many problems that costumavam to be considered inevitable part of the advanced age, now they are understood as resulted of factors of the style of life or illnesses.

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