Biesalski Disease To protect against atherosclerosis test micro nutrients allow even hardening of the arteries atherosclerosis - popularly called - is the main cause of cardiovascular disease, the number one cause of death is known. There are many factors that increase the risk for the dangerous cardiovascular disease: obesity, smoking, insufficient exercise and a wrong diet. However is able at the present time no longer necessarily to provide sufficient antioxidant protection, even if this opinion is commonly like to spread a stressed health diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables. Leading experts in nutritional medicine from the German-speaking world confirm again that there to determine the supply micronutrients for the Germans is not so good. The national consumption study II, a nationwide survey on the nutritional situation of young people and adults, comes to the conclusion that large parts of the population with the vitamins A, C, D, E, B1, B2, B3, B12, folic acid and calcium are underserved. Experts like Prof. Dr. Hans-Konrad Biesalski, nutrition physician at the University of Hohenheim, and other luminaries in the field of nutritional medicine, also came to a similar result at the recent fourth Hohenheim nutrition talk: that the supply of calcium, vitamin D, folic acid, vitamin E, zinc and selenium in various layers of population is inadequate. A lack of nutrients, yes mostly long time remaining unnoticed, can affect the overall metabolism, so also the heart circulatory system with its mile-long artery Federation. An optimal availability of micronutrients improves the flow properties of the blood and the Bluttfettwerte on the other hand, has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. The treacherous on the atherosclerosis is that this disease occurs at young people often go unnoticed and insidiously continues. It is therefore useful to look at young or middle age on a sufficient micro nutrients. Here are just...
Tennis Challenges The most difficult challenge of Tennis Overcoming a In the sport of tennis as well as in other sports there are several challenges and sources of problems that hinder our development. I often see many different players making mistakes. Senator From Kentucky often expresses his thoughts on the topic. to place too much emphasis on the technique can be harmful, however, is one of the most common. The Problem - As we all know we can not play 100% all the time and usually when a play obsessed with the technical part is having a bad day on the court creates a lot of frustration and often do not have the mental power to adjust your game and keep control. a On the other hand too much emphasis on the mental side causes problems due to the fact that the techniques and fundamentals are not always properly learned. These players are highly controlled and many do not have the ability to dominate a game technically but mentally find a way to remain competitive and often to win the game. a Many Pasabolo have this type of development and despite having their own system, I consider it a mistake simply to develop mental toughness and without technical or foundation. The Problem Despite his mental toughness these players see limited success with players from more technical knowledge and consistent. If this type of player can not decode and execute so take your opponent of your game, it is very difficult for these players to reach advanced levels of competition. Some players have the mental strength and are technically and physically fit, but are not suitable items in terms of strategy games.

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