Pregnancy And Childbirth In Hamsters Hamsters are territorial animals. Content in the same cell of two hamsters are not desirable, even dangerous for them. Females with males rarely get along with each other. At the last stages of pregnancy the females become aggressive. If you live two opposite-sex hamster, then have them be in two different cells. Pregnancy lasts 16-20 days, the number of babies in one litter of 6 - to 12. Suckle their mother's milk from 18 - 20 days. At the first birth the young mother did not rarely eats part of the weakened and even healthy babies. Refuses to feed. Homyachata born without wool on, blind. Look weak, helpless creatures. But it is not. Newborn babies can not be touch, touching hands, stroked. Since the female, feeling a strange smell, definitely eat their young. The female is better not to bother too. During this period one can not get out of the cell. Cage with a female and her offspring is better to remove a quiet and peaceful place. Look to her for what would have to feed or change the water in the drinkers. A few days before giving birth to thoroughly wash and disinfect the cage. Put fresh bedding, food, pour into water bowl clean water supply house. Remove from cells deep tank. To kids, when they start to crawl out of the house, accidentally drowned in a bowl with water. To make better use of female labor cell. If the cell pull pan and grill on the bottom, the bottom of the cage filled with sawdust. Should not be put in a manger perishable food! Since the female is necessarily pripryachet and spoiled food. During pregnancy and breastfeeding female needed giving vitamins. Fed vegetable and grain feed. In drinkers should always be fresh water.
Recreational Athletes Short break from only 99 Euro ideal time cycling In the Overdrive by the island paradise is almost the entire island in October and November to explore through a tight-knit and asphalted roads by bicycle. Moderate pedal pushers avoid the mountain with its steep climbs and enjoy the hilly landscape, which offers surprising views. There are bikes everywhere, even by the hour. "Cycling in Majorca has a tradition for athletes and active holidaymakers, which ever one week pleasure biking" book. But also for opportunity cyclists there are erebnisreiche tours: Hotel BQ Belvedere near Palma city can undertake relaxed fresh air excursions along the coast. To the Bay of Cala Mayor are only about five kilometers around 850 metres, while Palma city. Tips for cycling in Mallorca:... / cycling tourism... Segway Tours In the walk through Palma city who would like to easily the old town of Palma de Mallorca, rises to. On a so-called Segway, the modern Electric scooters, which are driven by light weight shifts. Don't worry, Segway ride is very easy: you gently leans forward, rolling off the technical marvel without jerks. Now there is the first Segway city tours, which also leads to the most beautiful vantage points in the city; the Segways can now effortlessly create even steeper slopes. Patricia Juarez (39) offers all year round the Segway Tours and performs in both Spanish and English. One-hour tours cost 35 euros, two hours 50 euro. Tel. 971 49 52 74 Quad tours highlights for off-roader into the grounds with quads, anyone can master even difficult off-road driving. The four-wheeled vehicle is moved like a motorcycle; but a driving licence is needed (class B/3)! From port d ' Andratx is first on roads through the southern foothills of the Sierra de Tramuntana mountains (the mountains of Majorca)...

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