Hospital Psychology Ideal institution for the Psychoanalysis does not exist and is therefore that we believe that the psychologist can help very with its presence, if placing the disposal of the sick person and its familiar at this moment of suffering and anguish. Gunnar Peterson describes an additional similar source. The base of the presence of the psychoanalyst in the hospital is its direction for the creation of ' ' conditions of escutabilidade' '. This position aims at to listen beyond what it is said by the patient, that is, is to be intent to the desire that perpassa its speaks in the slips of its to say. To work the clinic of unconscious the two conditions are necessary: the assumption to know and the function of it lacks. We are in the field of the transference and Lacan says in them we will find that it in the start of the analysis. The transference is a basic condition. Without it, the analytical work does not happen. In the hospital it is not different. The presence of the analyst always goes to disclose something of its position before the unconscious one. As Lacan is the function-presence of the analyst who will make possible the transference and the form of manejar will indicate it the presence or not of an analyst who, we know, is on, to the analyst desire. To be analyst it is necessary to open hand of its personal marks and to be ' ' aberto' ' the floating attention. According to Freud, it is as the analyst must listen to analyzing: it does not have to privilege a priori any element of the speech and through ' ' to say livremente' ' it will enter in contact with its unconscious activity. (Laplanche Pontalis, 1998) Being part of the course...
Crushed Honey On healthy and delicious ... Out of nothing a woman can do three things: the scandal, and salad ... the mask. When lined up on shelves pretty jars, tubes and boxes of cosmetics purchase are no longer pleasing to the eye and instill hope in your heart, a desire to own hands, cook for yourself some favorite miracle cosmetic. In order to build yourself a face mask, no exotic means, such as dried crocodile foot is required. Closely enough to see what is rich and refrigerator poshurshat on kitchen shelves. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Cindy Crawford. And the cooking time of many masks do not need - to mix, add, grind, apply on face and pamper your skin with tasty! The only thing we must not forget about is that used for face masks products should be environmentally friendly. Why our skin various emulsifiers, preservatives, colorings and flavor enhancers? So choose a natural product, natural, and not "Improved" by man. So what we have out there on the shelf? Jar of honey! In the mashed yolks slowly pour 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil, add 1 teaspoon of liquid honey, mix well. The mask is ready. For one beaten egg whites eggs, add 1 teaspoon of honey, the same amount of milk and lemon juice. That the mass was not a liquid, the mixture can be added to the crushed corn flakes. The mask should be removed with warm compresses, and in the water for rinsing nice to add some chamomile infusion. Bananas, coconuts Mash half a banana peeled, then put this tasty cream on the face and neck as much as possible with a thin layer.

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