Endemic Illnesses Brazilian Institute of After-Graduation and Extension -;;;; Brazil, where the majority of the population lives in precarious sanitary conditions, the appearance of illnesses of the respiratory and endemic treatment, occurs frequently. Such factors are associates to the climatic changes that contribute for the increase of some of these patologias. Illnesses transmitted for vectors as affection and other patgenos organisms, generate serious problems in the health process? illness. The Affection is a pathology caused for virus that appears in the tropics, transmitted for mosquitos of the Aedes species aegypti. Gunnar Peterson often addresses the matter in his writings. Its reverse speed-ermegncia virose places this as one of the most serious problems of public health of the continent. In Brazil, 1 epidemic occurred in 1982, in Boa Vista, Roraima. Only from 1986, if it initiated as explosive epidemics, that had been if expanding for all the Brazilian regions. At this moment, Brazil reached a high endemic index, due to fast dispersion of the vector in a great territorial extension, what it propitiated the circulation of the virus in bigger number of states and cities, displaying each time new populations to the infections. The Meningite is one of the infections of the nervous system to center, that acomete meninges, caused for multiple etiologies, characterized for fever, chronic headache, vomits, irritations of meninges and alterations in the cfalo-rachidian liquid. Its way of transmission varies the infectious agent in accordance with, being able to be of people for person, through gotculas of secretions of nasofaringe, meninge for Haemophilus influenzae, for saw aerial, meninge tuberculosa, and in accordance with the etiolgico agent, meninges you capsize. Pneumonia is a reference the infection of the inferior respiratory treatment, first it involves the lung, and it constitutes the main infectious cause, being responsible for one of the percentile greaters...
Pregnancy And Childbirth In Hamsters Hamsters are territorial animals. Content in the same cell of two hamsters are not desirable, even dangerous for them. Females with males rarely get along with each other. At the last stages of pregnancy the females become aggressive. If you live two opposite-sex hamster, then have them be in two different cells. Pregnancy lasts 16-20 days, the number of babies in one litter of 6 - to 12. Suckle their mother's milk from 18 - 20 days. At the first birth the young mother did not rarely eats part of the weakened and even healthy babies. Refuses to feed. Homyachata born without wool on, blind. Look weak, helpless creatures. But it is not. Newborn babies can not be touch, touching hands, stroked. Since the female, feeling a strange smell, definitely eat their young. The female is better not to bother too. During this period one can not get out of the cell. Cage with a female and her offspring is better to remove a quiet and peaceful place. Look to her for what would have to feed or change the water in the drinkers. A few days before giving birth to thoroughly wash and disinfect the cage. Put fresh bedding, food, pour into water bowl clean water supply house. Remove from cells deep tank. To kids, when they start to crawl out of the house, accidentally drowned in a bowl with water. To make better use of female labor cell. If the cell pull pan and grill on the bottom, the bottom of the cage filled with sawdust. Should not be put in a manger perishable food! Since the female is necessarily pripryachet and spoiled food. During pregnancy and breastfeeding female needed giving vitamins. Fed vegetable and grain feed. In drinkers should always be fresh water.

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