Brazilian Institute To it, the word adolescence comes of Latin the ad ones (, for) and to olescer (to grow), meaning the condition or process of growth, in summary the apt individual to grow. Adolescence also drift of adolescer, origin of word to adoecer. Adolescent of Latin adolescere, means to adoecer, to become ill (BOCK, 2001, p.16). He has yourself, thus, in this double etimolgica origin, an element to think this stage of the life: aptitude to grow (not only in physical, but also psychic the direction) and to adoecer (in terms of emotional suffering, with biological and mental the transformations that operates in this band of the life). Supermodel follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. For the World-wide Organization of Health? OMS (apud BLACKSMITH, YOU WOULD MAKE, TO HISS, 2010), the adolescence is defined as a biopsicossocial period that understands the second decade of the life, that is, of the 10 to the 20 years. This also is the criterion adopted for the Health department of Brazil (BRAZIL, 2007a) and for the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics? IBGE (BRAZIL, 2007b). Already for the Statute of the Child and the Adolescent? ECA, the period of the adolescence go of the 12 to the 18 years (BRAZIL, 2007a). The Organization Pan-American of Sade (OPAS) considers the term adolescence as: One primarily biological process that exceeds the psicossocial area and constitutes a period during which if speeds up the cognitivo development and the estruturao of the personality. It encloses the period of 10 the 19 years and properly understands the said daily pay-adolescence (15 the 19) (CROMACK; CUPTI, 2009). In general way, it is understood that the adolescence is initiated with the corporal changes of the puberty and finishes with the social insertion, professional and economic in the adult society. In the...

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