Cindy Crawford Cindy Crawford - a famous super model, mum of two children, a successful and beautiful woman. She has a beautiful slender body, despite the fact that Cindy for 43 years. She does not hide his beauty secrets. The first secret-dream. Cindy tries to sleep, as well as many beautiful women, knows that full sleep prolongs youth and health. The second secret - the power. Cindy Crawford has chosen for itself by catering areas. This method of feeding in the zones described by Barry Sears in his book "Enter the Zone" and "Health Zone" by Barry Sears in his book offers five meals a day, which consists of three main meals and two snacks. Feed should be on the regime, no matter you want to eat or not. Each meal includes three main components: carbohydrates, 40%, whites 30% and 30% fat. Moreover, the food should be chosen with low or medium glycemic index. Sears recommends to use in one meal less than 500 kcal and snacks to 100 calories. This diet recommends to exclude products that contain a lot of salt, give preference to low-fat chicken meat, fish, vegetables, nuts and vegetables. With each method you need to get fat no more than 2r., such as olive oil or other monounsaturated fats. And just a day, drink no opinion 8 glasses of water. The third secret - fitness. Cindy was lucky to meet his personal trainer - Kathy Kaehler and record two video programs on fitness. 'The secret of perfect figure' 1992, 'How to Achieve Excellence' in 1995 after the birth of a child Cindy writes another video program titled "A new DIMENSION" - a program designed to restore physical fitness after pregnancy and childbirth. These video lessons are popular to this day. As for Cindy, she's gym twice a day...

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