Acrobatic Rock Stage of preliminary (initial) training of 5-7 years. The objectives of this phase are: the promotion of health; Versatile physical training; address the shortcomings of physical development; learning the basics of engineering Acrobatic Rock and Roll. Preparing young athletes is characterized by a variety of techniques and tools, extensive use of exercises of various kinds of sports, outdoor games, gaming applications of the method. At the stage Initial training should be planned training sessions with significant physical and psychological stress. In the area of technical development should be guided by the need to develop elements from different sports, diverse preparatory exercises. The initial phase of sports specialization (8-9 years) The main objectives of this phase are: the promotion of health; diversifying physical capacity of an organism; elimination of deficiencies fizichek th development and physical fitness; creation of motor capacity, the planned development of a variety of motor skills; special exercises is more favorable for further improvement of sports than the Specialized. Technical perfection is built on a diverse Mother Yale sport chosen for specialization. As a result, the athlete should be well enough to master the technique of many special preparatory exercises. This approach ultimately creates his ability to rapid development of technology selected species Sports. Special emphasis on the development of various forms of speed, as well as the coordination abilities and flexibility. Cindy Crawford has much to offer in this field. With the high rate of growth of physical abilities are not advisable to schedule acute affecting training facilities (high load). Stage of the specialized (depth) of training (10-12 years) The main objectives are to: promote health and full physical development; Training and improving technology acrobatic rock-n-Rolla; gradual systematic summing up the athlete to higher physical stress; dosage increase in intensity; gradual summing to competitive struggle through the...

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