Hospital Costa Calahonda Apartment price is between 400.000 , Villas - from 750.000 . Calahonda (Calahonda) Calahonda (Calahonda) - a small Spanish town on the Costa del Sol (Costa del Sol), between the towns of (Marbella) and Malaga (Malaga). Calahonda Mediterranean climate. In summer the temperature here reaches +35 C, and winter does not fall below + 12 C. Best season for holidays in Calahonda - from March to mid-October. The city has three shopping centers with a variety of shops, restaurants, cafes and bars. Click Rand Paul for additional related pages. In Calahonda is a port of Cabopino (Cabopino), where there are beaches, sports and fitness centers, tennis courts. Nearby Hospital Costa del Sol, which is considered the best public hospital in the region, several secondary schools. In the 10 km radius of Calahonda has 10 golf courses - the fields, one of the which - La Cala Golf Resort - Europe's largest golf resort with five-star hotel and spa. Property in Calahonda presented apartment complexes comprising apartments, townhouses and villas. The average cost of apartments with 1 Bedroom - 140.000 , with 2 bedrooms - 200.000 , with 3 bedrooms - 300.000 . Townhouse with 2 bedrooms - from 300.000 , villa with 3 bedrooms - about 630.000 . (Marbella) (Marbella) - a city on the Costa del Sol (Costa del Sol), part of the province of Malaga (Malaga). Occupies an area of 117 km2. Population Marben - 126 422 people (as of 2007). Climate Marben is unique - even in the winter months, when 50 km from here is rain and strong wind, in warm and sunny.
Insulation Interpreters - translators are oral translation, called the simultaneous interpretation. There is another type of oral translation and interpretation - consecutive interpretation when the specialist recreates speech speaker in the target language at the moment of silence to speak out. Obtained as follows: first, the interpreter listens and analyzes, and then pronounces the translated and adapted the text. And with simultaneous translation translator recreates the speaker's utterance together with him. Apply this type of translation in the maintenance of forums, conferences and other major events where necessary to ensure mutual understanding hundreds present. For the first time simultaneous translation used in 1945, at the beginning of the Nuremberg trials, why he is considered a relatively new kind of translation. Simultaneous translation is always determines the application special equipment in his kit includes Sound Insulation translation booth, as well as microphones for the interpreters and the speakers and headphones for all participants without exception. Among specialists and interpreters interpreters are considered the highest level of professionalism. Not all educated translators can perform simultaneous interpretation. According to statistics, only 25% of the interpreters are simultaneous interpreter. Researchers found that in moment of simultaneous interpretation brain interpreter simultaneously handles more than 6 dozen mental processes, the main of which - it is memory and speed of reaction. With simultaneous translation brain specialist can be likened to a computer processor, which simultaneously performs the task of handling hundreds of bits and pulses. It turns out that uses all parts of the brain that are responsible for level of attention, memory, speech and receive audio signals. There is nothing strange that at a given load brain interpreter does not take long for exhaustion, and a consequence of an indistinct "distinguishing" signal. Interpreters helps most cursive (personal system of signs and symbols). Using such a system,...

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