Productivity Management Companies in the current scenarios are manifested to products that present the highest quality, meeting the needs and demands of consumers. To do this, management has been careful with regard to the competitive advantages that competitiveness has, to provide feedback through reengineering everything that favors him in their production processes and ensure a product that is highly competitive. The graduate program she specialized in quality management and productivity of Faces, Carabobo University, identifies with the participants not to neglect the important, relevant towards the reengineering is giving way to highly competitive products and has a favorable productivity to ensure satisfaction on demand, give way to achieve cost affordable. Topics in the department of Management of the introductory course to join the formal agenda of this specialty, the emphasis is on analyzing the extent and impact of engineering. They organize forums, lectures and case studies are discussed in order to establish the importance of knowing how to properly use the reengineering regard, the participant says, to bear in mind that the concept of reengineering came about because many organizations were forced to seek new forms and different from traditional methods to develop their work, due to growth and challenges of a highly competitive market and the changing landscape. Today the world due to the influence of globalization faces a highly open scenario in which there are features that are essential to take into account organizations as clients, Change and Competition, in effect with this type of environment is necessary high quality, large cost reductions, efficiencies and productivity high..
Coaching Background The concentrated COACHING scenarios and actors competing in a game to win. In the field of live game pragmatic experiences are the result of effort of each player and the joint team with the purpose of victory. All this will be led by a coach who will be a unique contribution to personal leadership, the explosion and use nuances of personal talent will be the label of each player, which mark the difference, i.e., will be showcased. Finally they were convinced that coaching is a comprehensive system is in the direction and mobilization towards the success of teams in global competition. a Coaching Background. Coaching is likely to have its origins in prehistory, but no one knows for sure. However, moved into the twentieth century, between 1950 and 1960 decade, he cites a fact that serves as a reference to know how it was formed and evolved the method of coaching. During these developed decades about adult education programs conducted in New York City, which were based on some principles of learning. These principles state that the self-concept of adults tends to guidance staff, rather than dependence on others. In addition, they claim that adult learning is motivated by the need to tackle real life situations in a more effective. These educational programs were the basis for the development of a technique called Coaching.a addition to these programs related to education and learning, coaching have a special bond with sports psychology which some of its principles based on paying the most of our establish and achieve our goals and become a great player equipo.a Sports Psychology often relying on the victory-defeat model, but many coaches prefer to adopt contemporary philosophy athletes first, and then win, is precisely latter which is related to the Coaching.a In this vein, Macaluso (2006) suggests...

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